Our classes concentrate on developing your Tango by solidifying the base techniques. Individual attention is paid to each student.

  • Pre-registration is a must.
  • Bringing a dance partner is NOT compulsory but recommended.
  • Wear comfortable cloths.
  • Bring a pair of socks or smooth soled shoes for dancing.
  • No Age limit.


We invite you to our traditional yet cozy and friendly Milongas. We respect the Cabeceo. We dance mostly in close embrace and follow the line of dance, ronda.
Milongas take place every 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Music: Traditional with a Nuevo tanda thrown in sometimes. 3-song Tandas.
Cloths: Tango elegance.

Corporate/Private classes

Learn Tango dancing with Bangalore Tango Academy’s instructor with utmost privacy and under full attention by booking private 1-on-1 lessons or for a small group at a private event/office.

Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience. They can be at home, studio or office. Prior appointment is mandatory.

Fees: ₹3,000 per hour. This can be taken by one individual or a couple. If you register for more than 2 hours then a discount of ₹500 is applicable. i.e. you can pay ₹2,500 per hour.

For groups 

Per hour: Base cost ₹3,000 + ₹300 for each individual. Minimum fee ₹15,000.

Note: Fee excludes studio rental cost.